2020 NFL Flag Fooball

NFL Flag Officials Page

Note: Extreme Team Sports / NFL Flag Football League Rules,
Differ from how the NFL Flag Tournament Rule are called.
See ETS Officials Game Manual & Rules Below:

The Game Official…

In the game of football, the game official represents the ultimate in integrity for any competition.

By their very nature, officials are neutral and are responsible to keep the contest played on equal terms.

Through actions on and off the field, officials must earn the respect and confidence of players, coaches, and spectators.

This confidence and respect is not earned by words, but with unquestioned honesty, demonstrated ability,

obvious devotion to and understanding of the game.


We appreciate the time our Game Official have put in over the years,
In applying their knowledge  as well as their love for the game on the field,
In assuring that the game they oversee, is called fairly, unbiased and with utmost integrity.

(2017 - 2018) - Names TBA

(2013 - 2016)

Nick Cook, Alex Daugereaux, Rodny Blystone, Nathan Robinson, Carlous Johnson, Mical Medina

Not Pictured: Cameron Green, Tristan Harris

(2011 - 12) Back - Jimmy Davis, Tyrone Thompson

Front – Dillon Bergstrom, Carlous Johnson, Jesse York

Not Pictured – Stan Freeman (Head Official), Sherman Gray, Garrett Dolan

(2010 - 11) Coby Land, Stan Freeman (Head Official), Sherman Gray, Carlous Johnson

Not Pictured – Houston Glover

(2008-09) James Daniels, Matt Scholars, Charles Freeman, Jerome Lewis

Not Pictured – Stan Freeman (Head Official), Alan Haskins

(2006-07) Matt Scholars, Jerome Lewis, Zach Saultz, Stan Freeman (Head Official)