Extreme Team Sports

Frequently Asked Questions About ETS – NFL Flag Football

Q: How much is it to register for flag football?

A: FALL – The registration fee is $120 plus required participation in Fund Raiser. There is a $20.00 discount for siblings.

Each Player will receive an official NFL youth flag football reversible jersey and shorts (His/Hers to keep at the end of the season).

Q: How much is it to register for Cheerleading?

A: The registration fee is $45 plus the cost of uniform, etc.(approx. $125)

Q: Returned Check (NFS, Account Closed, etc.)

A: A $35 fee will be applied to the amount of returned check fee… Check must be picked up and paid with cash.

Q: Can I still register my child after the deadline date?

A: Yes, you may register late, but there is a $ 15.00 late registration fee.

There is no guarantee a spot will be open. And if so, your child may have to play on a team different than the team he/she would have originally been on.

Q: What is ETS refund policy?

A: Full refunds are given only after a player notifies the league prior to the first scheduled practice. Late fees are non-refundable.

After the first practice (and jerseys have been ordered), 50% of registration fee will be refunded (Player does not recieve jersey).

After first game, 50% of registration fee refunded (Jersey must be returned).

After the second game… No refunds will be given, unless player must quit due to an injury (25% will be refunded and player will keep their jersey).

Absolutely, No refunds after the third game.
Update 8/4/2020:  If the season is shut down due to a stoppage by a State/County (COVID-19) Order,
The league will then meet to re-evaluate the refund policy, based on the number of games played vs games remaining.

Note: No Refunds are given until league recieves bank statement that all checks have cleared.

Or… Parent shows proof that check has cleared their bank.

Q: Does ETS/NFL offer discounts or scholarships?

A:  Yes, Extreme Team Sports wants to see every boy and girl given the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of football.

To make this possible ETS has a discount for siblings and a limited number of scholarships available. They are given out based on need.

If you are interested in being considered for a scholarship, please contact a League Administrator.

Q: Were does the money go?

A:  Registration fee / fund raiser goes towards League expences…Uniforms and equipment, including balls and flags. All pre registration material, printing and distribution, including registration forms, coaches material, and league advertising: Signs, Banners, Newspaper, Flyers, etc.. Game fields rental and maintenance, including striping paint and other field marking material. Purchase and maintaing League trailer, Scoreboards, other.  Rental of portable toilets. Purchase of trophies / awards. Printing of raffle tickets and prizes awarded, including Skills Competition prizes, Official’s fees and equipment, Liability insurance, Registration Fees paid towards NFL Flag Regional Tournament, Other. Web site design and maintenance. Many other expenses go into making ETS/NFL Flag football an experience for the player and excitement for the fan.

Q: Is flag football safe?

A: Too often kids are placed in a football environment where they learn to “hit” before they learn how to play the game. ETS/NFL Flag Football allows the kids the freedom to learn

the fundamentals of the game without having to worry about burdensome equipment and unwanted contact.

There are no pads, no helmets, no blocking, no pushing, no diving and no shoving.

Flag football teaches the basic fundamentals of football while serving as an ideal stepping stone for those wanting to eventually join a full-contact league.

Yes, flag football is safe!!!

Q: When and where are the games?

Note: Currently all games are  played at the Barbers Hill Eagle Stadium…

A: FALL – The games will begin around the middle of September (Following registration, coach’s meeting-draft and equipment/jersey order).

The season runs between 7 – 10 weeks (depending on how far your team advances in the playoffs).

Q: What about practice?

A: It is up to each individual coach to determine when and where practice(s) will be held.
Although, most teams usually practice 2-3 times per week.

Q: Will the kids play in the rain?

A: If it is a light rain, show up for your game. The League Director(s) will make the call on site, if conditions warrant postponing games until weather lets up.

It is very important that all players communicate with his/her coach in order to know what has been decided concerning the weather / rain schedule.

Q: What team will my child be on?

A: Teams are made up of players from the same school where he/she attends.

If, enough players sign up, to where multiple teams are needed from one school, those players will go into a draft.

Q: Can I request my son/daughter be on a team with their friends?

A: If a school signs up enough players, to where more than one team is need, ALL players from that school will enter the draft.

You may request for players to be on same team, but chances are slim.
Exceptions will be made for dire situations Only!.

Q: What are the age categories?

A: Divisions are made up by Grade and/or Age.
ROOKIE: Pre K – Kindergarten (Ages 4&5 )
SEMI PRO: 1st & 2nd Grade (Ages 6 & 7)
SEMI PRO: 3rd & 4th Grade (Ages 8 & 9)
PRO: 5th & 6th Grade (Age 10 – 12)
Age is determined by the player’s age at time of registration or first scheduled game date (Fall).
Note, Divisions may be modified, or decided by grade instead of age, depending on the number of players registering.

Q: When will I here from a coach?

A: The week following the last registration, there will be a coaches meeting. At this meeting players will be placed on teams based on Age and School.

If needed, a draft will take place. Your child’s coach will be given a roster of the players on his/her team.

The coach will then contact you with information on when and where practices will be held.

If you haven’t heard from a coach within three weeks following sign-ups, please contact a League Director for further information.

Q: I’m interested in coaching. Who do I contact?

A: Sign up to coach at one of the registration sites or contact League Director.
Although, the league is always in need of dedicated coaches, coaches from the previous season will get first option as returning Head / Assist Coach.

Q: I have other questions. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact League Director(s) with any other question through the “Contact Us” section of this web site.

Q: What are the rules of ETS/NFL flag?

A: Please note, although very similar in most, some rule of ETS/NFL differ from that of the actual NFL Flag Rules.

The rules have been modified to accommodate the difference in age and style of play of the ETS league.

League RULES