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Note: If you sell all 25 tickets to one business, we will post that busness's logo and website link to our "Sponsor" page.

           Please have business provide you with their website address (write it on the front of your envelope).

* Business Check will be accepted from Business buying book of (25) tickets...

* No Personal Checks, due to checks being returned NFS.


Raffle Tickets/Skills & Pass Competition Information

Each Player is required to sell raffle tickets. Twenty (20) is the allotted amount each participant is required to sell.
Any player that does not sell his/her allotted amount, will not be eligible to advance with their team to the Playoffs.

1. Each player receives 25 tickets - 20 is the allotted amount each players is required to sell.

    Five additional ticket(s) have been added to Players allotment.
    If Player sells the additional five (5) tickets over his/her allotted amount, he/she will be entered into the "Skills & Pass Competition".
** Player that sells the most tickets in each Div. will automatically compete in the "Skills & Pass Competition".

2. The seller (Player) of each winning raffle ticket , will win $100.
    Player (seller) must write his/her name and team name on lines provided on ticket stubs.

3. All ticket stubs and money must be turned in no later than Oct. 18, 2014.

    * All un-sold tickets must be turned back in.
    Return envelope with ticket stubs and money to Coach or Team Mom.
    Coach or Team Mom will turn team’s envelopes in together.

4. On the front of envelope, each Player needs to write his/her :
    Name (first and last), Team Name, Age Div., Coach’s Name and Total Dollar amount.

5. Due to the amount of checks being returned (NSF). Checks will no longer be accepted.
    Please have cash converted to the least number of bills possible.

6. Unless posted otherwise...The Raffle Drawings will be Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014.

     (At the Sports Banquet and Award Ceremony)

*** Any player that does not sell his/her allotment of raffle tickets will not be eligible to advance with team to the playoffs. ***

*** Any un-sold tickets must be turned back in!!! ***



     NEW STARTING FALL 2014 - Details will be posted soon...

   The "Pass Competion" is being upgraded to "Skills & Pass Competition"

     Two ( 2 ) Finalist in each age division will compete in the Final Competion.









Sellers Won $100 For Selling Winning Tickets

1st Draw (4th Prize) $100 Gift Card - Brewingz

Winner: Aleshie Hill

Seller: Kohen Alexander

2nd Draw (3rd Prize) $200 Gift Card - Academy

Winner: Nelly Wiley

Seller: David Wiley

3rd Draw (2nd Prize) San Antonio Weekend

Winner: Shea Boyer

Seller: Dylan Filla

4th Draw (1st Prize) Carnival Cruise Vacation

Winner: Alan Lopez

Seller: Ryan Cox





4&5 Year Old - Jacey Hebert $50

6-8 Year Old - Ethan Real $150

9-11Year Old - Shane Ellis $350


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