All games (Boyls) will be played in the Lee College Sports Arena.

All officials will be certified, experienced TASO officials.

Each team will be made up of All-District players only.

Games will be two 20 minute halves with a running clock until the last two minutes of each half.

Half-time will be five minutes

Teams will receive two full time-out per half (no carry over).

In case of a tie there will be a two minute regular clock overtime with one additional time out.

There will be five minutes warm up time between games.

Bonus free throws will be shot at the seventh team foul of each half.

A double bonus will be shot at the tenth team foul.

All rules not specifically addressed in these guidelines shall be governed by the NFHS Rules of the Game,         

as modified by Extreme Team Sports

Players are responsible for their own BLACK SHORTS (JERSEYS are provided by the Tournament).

No basketballs will be allowed in or carried out of the BH Fieldhouse.

Players will need to provide their own basketballs for warm-ups, in the practice gym.

Players are responsible for bringing their own athletic tape and supplies. Ice will be provided.

A technical foul for unsporting conduct will result in automatic ejection from the game and may result       

in  suspension for the remainder of the tournament for any player, coach, or fan.

Berating of officials by parents and spectators will not be tolerated and could result in a team’s forfeiture

of a game or dismissal from the tournament. The assigning of quality TASO officials is a priority for this          

tournament. We are fortunate to have these dedicated officials give their summer time to work our games.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact:


Rodney Calhoun, Tournament Director -

Graham Thompson, Tournament Director -

Stan Freeman, Head of Officiating -




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Adult Ticket Price -


Single Day - $ 6.00

Two Day Pass - $ 10.00


Student Ticket Price -


Single Day - $ 5.00

Two Day Pass - $ 8.00


Note - There is no fee requierd from the Student-Athletes participating in the All-District Showcase. All Expenses are paid from Tickets Sales and Sponsors.





No Outside Food Allowed

Concessions Will Be Open